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PostSubject: Battle for   Battle for I_icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 9:38 pm

In 20XX there was a time of great peace, but an event occurred that would shape the future of the Continent in unimaginable ways. There was a grand ruler of the land who began authorizing his subordinates to act on his behalf throughout his mighty Kingdom. Years passed, and these subordinates rose to prominence each with their own Kingdoms to rule now. Tensions run high as treaties are on the verge of collapsing and an all out war is imminent.

There are 5 kingdoms to align to.

The Kingdom ruled with an iron fist by Rottonion P. Buttersworth III is harsh and unforgiving,lying at the heart of the Continent. Underground is a network of caves and tunnels extending into the side of the largest mountain, fortified on all sides by a lush forest home to savage predatory beasts and a great lake fed by the mountain spring which flows into the Sea.

This Kingdom focuses on culture, arena battles, and entertainment.
Faction Members:

The Kingdom ruled with compassion by Fluffy Tygress is an overwhelming Jungle to the South and West inhabited by amazonian huntresses. The Jungle is otherwise home to flora and fauna unknown to the rest of the Continent. The terrain is treacherous to traverse, yet fascinating to view. There is a delicate harmony between peace and violence in this Jungle. When one dies it is so another may live. Men are welcome in the land, but are subservient, and activity carefully monitored.

This Kingdom focuses on preservation of environment, fierce competition, and folk tales.
Faction Members:

The Kingdom ruled with terrorism by Ein Hayate lies mainly not on land, but at sea. The king of a Pirate faction with major port cities throughout the lands, is a violent and menacing one. Few have attempted to raid his ports, and they have all been quickly vanquished. Anyone who wishes to trade in his waters must give him a cut, or be cut down.

This Kingdom focuses on battle tactics, mercenary work, and trade.
Faction Members: Strongarm

The Kingdom ruled with knowledge by Andrew V is a sprawling technologically advanced metropolis whose borders encompass the entire Eastern land. Politics often bogs down growth and the demands of their society places them at odds with the environment as they consume the most resources of any Kingdom.

This Kingdom focuses on education, technology, and architecture.
Faction Members:

The Kingdom ruled with benevolence by Helpoemer reigns above the world on a floating Island that circles the Continent throughout the year. It is currently in the North West over a marsh uninhabited by humans. They are a devout people who prioritize religion and spirituality. Through religious practices they have come to study the natural elements, and have begun to command then. There is a growing minority that believes they must spread their God to the rest of the Kingdoms through means that are not so peaceful, and are preparing.

This kingdom focuses on religion, missionary work, and magical abilities.
Faction Members:

The Marsh is in the North West, currently underneath the Floating Island. It has remained uninhabited due to beasts lurking in the water. Everyone settled in more hospitable places. It is teeming with plants, bugs, and water creatures. Some predatory, others not. Vergilis currently attempting to settle here. Much unknown.

Choose your faction. Strengthen your army. Fight to control the realm.

Update: There is additional information regarding typical *good* fighter/warrior NPC equipment based on the Kingdom.

Rottonion: Heavy armor, limited mobility, 1h-2h swords, shield possibility, explosives, resists kinetic and slashing.

Fluffy: No armor, high camouflage in native environment, bow and arrow, spears, daggers, high agility but resists nothing.

Ein: Low armor, highly resourceful, swords, guns, small explosives, good agility, resists nothing.

Andrew: Medium armor, highly resistant to energy and elemental attacks, energy "Tech" armaments - guns, batons, concussive grenades, arrogant.

Helpoemer: Low armor, beginners control some of basic elements (fire, water, air, earth), adepts control briefly (time, life, gravity, increased flight), others gain certain benefits through emotional responses. Resists nothing in particular.
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Battle for
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