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 Deja vu means you fail

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Deja vu means you fail Empty
PostSubject: Deja vu means you fail   Deja vu means you fail I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2011 6:24 am

Okay, so this is just a thought I had oh, what was it now, around 6-8 years or so ago. I've mulled it over, just entertaining the thought here and there since then when it crossed my mind. I don't proclaim it to be truth, it's just something I thought as a possibility.

Deja vu means you fail. Deja vu is that feeling or sensation that you're experiencing something again, that you've been there and done it before. When you get this feeling, it is because you have done it before. Consider the universe a closed system, created by a god that is the maker of a perfect system, he has created the exact way that an individual and a species as a whole should progress and live through all of time. Normally you would think that you do not have free will in this closed system, because it is perfect and predetermined, you do not have the free will to change things within the system at your whim through your own actions. However, I thought that in this scenario everyone has been given free will, but it is still a closed system. How can one have free will and be unable to change any events that will occur through the timeline?

So I thought that one soul is predetermined to live and travel a certain path. That the world only moves forward when that path is traveled correctly. If one does not live properly, then at their death they are reborn and live their exact same life again, as many as necessary to get their path correct. So you have free will to live as you want, but if what you want is incorrect then you will forever live out your life again and again, your memory being wiped every time. There's a little problem though, not all of your memories are wiped, only the vast majority. There are tiny bits left inside your mind and when you pass that situation again you will experience deja vu. Now this is a self warning to correct your lifestyle, you may not know what path you should take, but deja vu is there as a warning to you. So if you experience deja vu, you had better cease your current lifestyle and make a change for the better.

I had also tried to figure out what a soul does after it has accomplished this goal in such a scenario. Does it simply get to rest, is it brought to happiness, is it reborn as a new being with yet another path to travel? I really hadn't come up with a final thought on that to be honest. Also, would every life have to be lived correctly as predetermined at the same time to move on? Is everyone you are interacting with living their predetermined life, or a flawed one? Is your reality and existence part of a multiverse, where you are the sole influencer with free will, or is it a collective where everyone can influence each other, and possible deter them from their real path? What happens if one moves on but others still have to live out their path, what happens in that scenario? Does your being revert back to living a predetermined path until all those you could influence have lived as they should have? After all, if you live the way you should have, then those around you will be living as they should by your influence. They still could be influenced by others.
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Deja vu means you fail
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