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 Detective Dream

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PostSubject: Detective Dream   Detective Dream I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2011 7:36 am

So there was this dream, and been up for a little bit now and have expanded on it a bit. I suppose if I figure out how to do drama and create cases this is something I'd be interested in pursuing. Although I'm not sure how a "season" fits into a book style format. 1 case per 1-3 chapters of 15-20 pages each chapter? Sounds like a hassle. Or how long is a page by word count? It could just be a writing for the internet.

Rookie detective that is fresh out of the academy, moves across town into a house, goes about things in a typical police - mystery style story. He has trouble with cases and past relationships. Throughout the first bit he has recurring dreams of being with a younger teenage woman, dating and developing something of a relationship. After the first "season" of about 6-12 cases it ends with the reveal that the woman is a ghost that has been "haunting" him and has grown attached to him. Ends in a cliffhanger with her intangible in the real world with the reveal.

Next "season" with a similar 6-12 case length, depending on the complexity of the case, probably less cases that take longer to solve each. They take their "relationship" from dreams into the real world somewhat. He doesn't fully accept her and she tries to prove herself to him. Also goes about helping him on cases as a lookout and spy. Funny bit where she wants to be taken out to dinner so he puts on a bluetooth headset at a fancy restaurant so he can talk to her, but people around him including the waiter thinks he's a bit touched in the head. Especially when he receives a call after supposedly already being on the phone. They actually get closer during this period, he reconciles his feelings for a ghost with the rationalization that normal relationships don't work out and he doesn't want a target on the back of his loved ones. Ends with a dramatic kiss as she has somehow become tangible, yet still invisible.

Next, she can interact with small things now, she can blow on people and make them feel a breeze. Move small objects, be with the main character in the real world. More difficult cases pop up. A new interest pops up with a female transfer from a different precinct who during the "season" develops a relationship with the detective, causing frustration and jealousy from the ghost. The main character becomes torn between the two. A new want for a family that he could have, with the fear for their safety, and guilt for thinking about leaving the ghost after all she's done for him. (helped with confidence, career, and a fair relationship) Ends in a fight between the ghost and detective where she knocks him out and as he lay on the ground blood starts to drip from the back of his head.

Opens with a recap (of course) then flashes to him in the hospital with both ghost and transfer detective looking over him. He didn't die but had a concussion and knocked his head on the floor pretty hard. Everyone thinks he slipped and fell. During stay in the hospital his place is trashed, it'd be someone related to the first "season" coming back for revenge for a family/friend. Death threats and attempts on his life once during each case that "season" that ends up with the confrontation of who-done-it and the resolution that he ends up shooting the one who has been after him. All the while he's slowly pushing away from the ghost, which creates more jealousy, to pursue the transfer interest.

The next "season" has the ghost more agitated, being perpetually trapped a teenager (18-19) she has emotional issues. Reels from someone else leaving her and laments that she'll never be with anyone because she's dead. Becomes vengeful. Cases go on like usual but she doesn't help at all this "season" which hurts the progression of some of his cases. It ends with the detective waking up in bed next to the transfer interest (who again, was getting closer to the detective, eventually leading to being a more real relationship) who was murdered next to him, a knife through her heart, or something like that.

Then for the opening he calls police and everything, there's an investigation into what happened and he's put on leave as the primary suspect in her murder. However there are inconsistencies, like unknown footprints, no fingerprints on the knife (not even his) and an unlocked window. So he can't investigate it legitimately, a friend on the force keeps him up to date and he goes rogue to figure out what happened. Nearly ends up as he is confronting the ghost who is seem mocking the transfer interest for a long while, being glad she's gone, and tells the detective that they can be together again now. This happens at night in a park. All the while the case wasn't closed, he remained a person of interest. It ends with two gloved hands grabbing him from the shadows behind with rope around his neck, and him briefly yelling, then silence.

That's all I've got so far.
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Detective Dream
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