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PostSubject: Poems   Poems I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2011 11:23 am

I have come across old poems I have done in years past, and some more recently. I'll say I dislike quite a few but might end up posting them anyways.

The anime is
taken by funimation
off of this website

(regarding kids)
They are in my face
They are in my neighborhood
They are in my way.

Are in my traffic.
Are in my supermarket.
They need to just die

Kids what do they do
My favorite reastaurant
They will always scream

Parents need to learn
To discipline their children
Or provoke my wrath.

Parents are afraid
To check their kids now a days
And get in trouble

With political
Correctness as the culture
Disorderly kids

They run amok from
under or over caring
parents as they please

Something is wrong with
kids these days they lack the much
needed discipline

Obviously bored
Which is why I wrote poems
I will stop this now.

Just be kind to one of like mind
We find and bind, then become entwined
Stop and rewind if so inclined
Just to remind, I'll take you from behind
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