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PostSubject: Codes   Codes I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 6:57 am

A simple thread with potential for fun I believe. For various reasons people invent codes to transfer or store information, mostly so that it can only be read or understood by those meant to read the material. You could take the idea from this and get together with your friends in real life to invent a little code for certain situations if you worry about someone reading your texts or emails, or eavesdropping on conversations. It could be just in certain instances to use a code like, "I can't talk freely" or "Did you hook up with that girl?", or something more complex. In any case this does not entail other languages, as the best codes are innocuous and unassuming, so that the conversations do not garner unwanted attention.

Now in this thread what you can do is try to decode the messages I give, if and when I feel like transcribing one. I may or may not give you an obvious hint, or rather, the key to decode it. You can invent your own codes and ask for others to decode them. And of course, you can try to decode the messages of others, and those messages have no limit to their content, it could just be something you've made up or a real post that has one of your ideas or opinions about some other thing or person.

First up is a two person conversation, I think it should be easy enough.

a) Hey what's your favorite starter pokemon man?
b) I'd have to say bulbasaur, it was the best starter that got you farther into the game the easiest.
a) Yeah he was a beast in Gen 1, but what about treeko? Especially once it evolved into Sceptile it was a damn beast.
b) I'll give you that but I couldn't afford to spend any more time playing pokemon after the first two generations.
a) So you've played with chikorita before and that evolutionary line?
b) Yeah I did, and it was awesome but still it holds nothing to Gen 1.
a) Ever tried the fire or water starters?
b) I've tried water, but only in Gen 1, Gen 2 didn't interest me that much to be honest. I never touched fire as a starter though, I never felt like wanting to do it.
a) It's a shame, I have a couple of games with water starters and thought they were incredibly powerful. Especially once you got to their evolved form.
b) So I've heard, but I'll stick to bulbasaur, maybe I could try chikorita again to see if Generation 2 gives me any nostalgia and makes me like it more than I think.
a) How do you usually evolve your pokemon? Do you wait until they get a move faster or evolve it as soon as you can, into let's say Meganium?
b) If you ask, I wait to evolve, especially with Bayleef because I had gotten used to my nickname for her, "Bailey".
a) Interesting, is there anything else?
b) No I suppose that's all I've got to say.
a) Alright, well you have a good day now, and be careful.

When answering codes try to use a spoiler in case someone else is actually trying to find the answer themselves. Decode the message and give the method you used to figure out what is really being said. I put this in language instead of games because this isn't such a mindless game that I feel most in that section are. Speaking in codes is a language, one you create.
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