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 Imagination in use

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Imagination in use Empty
PostSubject: Imagination in use   Imagination in use I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 7:52 am

Is there much imagination left in your lives after you grow up? As kids we can play with nothing and have a blast, as we get older don't we become preoccupied by material things that we can entertain ourselves with?

I call this Car Trek
Do you like Star Trek? Do you imagine you're a captain, your car is your ship, the speeds you travel are warp speeds, phasers are your brights, a photon torpedo is your horn, and evasive maneuvers means driving down side streets instead of main streets (Evasive action could be moving out of the way of annoying faggots.) or when you're low on gas you have a breach in the warp core? Are you crazy to entertain yourself while driving? Are you crazy if you hold conversations with yourself and the officers in your head?

20 mph - Impulse
10 mph - Half Impulse
25 mph - Warp 1
30 mph - Warp 2
35 mph - Warp 3
40 mph - Warp 4
45 mph - Warp 5
50 mph - Warp 6
55 mph - Warp 7
60 mph - Warp 8
65 mph - Warp 9

How often do you need to go beyond Warp 9 you crazy bastards? The ship cannot maintain such a speed for long and you'll have to power down engines to do repairs.

"Quick Johnny, the Romulan Warbird is decloaking port side, take evasive action and fire photon torpedos on my mark. _ _ _ _ _ Mark." "Direct hit, Warbird shields at 63%. The Warbird has cloaked again and backed off sir." "Now then Ceebu, set a course for the Walmart System at Warp 5. Engage."
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Imagination in use
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