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PostSubject: Sorority    Sorority  I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 9:01 am

There's also a dream I had last night that I thought might be interesting for a story. After thinking more on it, the idea is twisted from my original dream, but some aspects are still there.

It's about a Sorority of female assassins. In this world, this Earth, virginity is much more important for women (not for men though). Women are tattooed (more like a "imprinted") after losing their virginity, right on top of their hearts. First time fornication causes a link of the mindset/intentions/emotions/feelings of the men for the women. They receive an imprint depending on those above things during that act, they are only of flora or fauna. So virginity is much more important in this world, because it will forever imprint/mark the woman of her past. If it is a good experience it will be a nice/pleasing tattoo and the women will be forever linked with those pleasing thoughts, the imprint will reinforce positive feelings or happy emotions and thoughts.

If the experience is horribly painful however, like rape, the imprint will be vicious and menacing, like a snake and such, which will also determine (in the sorority) which weapons the member will use to carry out assassinations. The leader of this group (imprinted with a mother bear) finds young girls with these tattoos and trains them. Because just how good imprints will promote healthy and positive actions, it's just the opposite for these twisted imprints. Thoughts of pain creep into these girls heads, it will reinforce violence and anger in them, and cause the girls to go mad with rage or become delusional/hallucinate. The imprints will twist and pervert the women's personalities into murderous thieves and the like. This woman, that leads the group, takes the girls in and teaches them to not be controlled by the imprint but to live with it, kind of like symbiosis. The girls can remain sane, and the imprint's bloodlust (or whatever it wants) is sated.
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